XN Corporation Africa (Pty) Limited (XN) was established on 2nd January 2001 after acquiring the rights to distribute XN products, initially entering the gaming industry market. XN operates in Singapore under the name XN Digital Systems (PTE) Limited where it trades with it’s sister company XN Hotel Systems. XN plc was formed in December 2006.

The XN group is rapidly growing international business with dedicated operations in the UK, US, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Vietnam. XN supplies turnkey solutions to its target markets based on leading and innovative software supported by over 90 experienced staff.

XN Corporation Africa specialises in developing solutions for ‘Display Technologies’ through applications such as Digital signage & Point of Sale advertising, Roulette winning number display and Jackpot Display (Casino Division), Digital magazine racks, Information and self-help kiosks, In-room Entertainment System (IES) and IPTV solutions

These applications are incorporated into a wide spectrum of different market sectors and environments including Airports, Casinos, Hotels, Hospitals and Corporate Head Offices.

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XN stars with Orion

Orion Resorts and Hotels has signed a R35m contract with XN Corporation Africa to supply the locally developed IP-TV In-room Entertainment Solution throughout their group.

“This is a great win for the company and underlines the feature rich solutions that we develop locally and supply through various Value Added Re-Sellers (VAR’s) throughout Africa and into the Far East.” Says Ian St Clair, CEO of Xn Corporation Africa (Pty) Ltd.

James Simpson from VAR Venditor Group “ Together with Xn Corporation Africa we have been able to fully provide an IES and VOIP solution throughout the group”.

“Enrolling into the XN VAR scheme was important in order to create a winning partnership” concluded James.

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Nu Metro goes XN

Metriplex Media has installed X-Stream within the Nu Metro cinema group. These cinemas are in most major malls in South Africa.

Metriplex are using their own server to host the solution and playlists can either be created by the end user or Metriplex.

“Subscription based financial models are the best way to move in an environment where a capex purchase is a tough pill to swallow” Says Ian St Clair CEO of Xn Corporation Africa (Pty) Ltd. It means that everything can be costed into one premium to include support, upgrades and certain development.

Metriplex and Xn have a strong working relationship and there are a number of other projects currently being rolled out.

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SOC Release

XN releases a System on Chip (SOC) version of their X-Stream Digital Signage Solution in partnership with Samsung.

A collaboration between Xn and Samsung has resulted in the development and release of the SOC version of the software solution. This enables Xn to market their digital software solution without the need of an external set-top box (STB) but to instead use the in-built processor and storage space within the Samsung panel itself.

“We’re very excited about this development and collaboration” says Ian St Clair, Xn’s Chief Executive Officer . “Our partnership with Samsung is expected to not only to reach into Africa but also our re-sellers across the world – particularly in Asia.”

Grant Kruger of Samsung commented that Samsung had identified Xn software technologies as a major player in Hotel and Digital Signage software solutions. “It’s a win / win situation” concluded Grant.

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Linux and Android Release

Xn is proud to release the Linux player to their X-Stream Digital Signage Solution. “This enables a lower cost of entry into the market place where traditionally other technologies were prohibitively priced - especially with a large number of screens for one project.” says Ian St Clair, Chief Executive Officer.

“We have acknowledged that within the area we operate in, lower cost of entry is a massive requirement and our developers along with our customers have welcomed this approach. We’ve already launched the SOC platform in collaboration with Samsung but we also need to address other operating systems that are gaining market share and to be truly competitive it’s important to offer a multiple platform approach.

There is no difference to the scheduler whether the player is SOC, Linux, Android or the traditional MS Windows platforms, but this does increase our competitive edge and increases our market”.

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NTFH Hospital Release

NTFH hospital in the Jurong District in Singapore has selected Xn’s Patient Entertainment Solution (PES) for it’s 358 beds. The hospital is due to open in January 2015.

“We’ve always been known to have a competitive and functionally excellent hotel In-Room Entertainment System, so we adapted the product to be more specific to the healthcare industry – for hospitals and care homes. Not only do we address the delivery of an IPTV solution, we also cater for the delivery of movies, operational procedures, appointment booking, food ordering and much, much more.” says Ian St Clair, Xn’s Chief Executive Officer.

NTFH which is part of a government hospital in Singapore has also selected the Patient Information Board (PIB). “This solution allows the nurse to track entries made by on duty nurses and doctors. It also tracks allergies for both food and medicinal use and is a key tool to be used with the PES solution.” comments Ian.

“We also address the boredom issue – particularly with children – and are able to launch games, social media applications and use a tablet to drive the solution and to update their own sites”

We are delighted to win the contract and see this software as a key product in our suite of applications developed by our highly skilled team in South Africa”.

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SoupSpoon Goes X-Stream

SoupSpoon is a large restaurant chain, predominant in the Far East, who has standardized on X-Stream for Digital Menus and Queue Control.

Their Head Office controls each site through their VPN and manages price changes and promotions at the touch of a button.

“It was an important win for Xn as it moves us into the restaurant and hospitality channel” says Ian St Clair, CEO of Xn Corporation Africa. “The customer benefits from huge savings of pre-printed material throughout their whole chain of restaurants and enables them to react to competitor offerings quickly and easily. It also allows for the creation of new menu items to be presented graphically thus contributing to their appeal to the customer”

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Gourmet Pizza Digitizes

Gourmet Pizza fast food chain has digitized their menu with the X-Stream Digital Signage solution. Controlled from Head Office, new promotions, products, pricing and supplier advertising enables Gourmet Pizza to compete more effectively with their competitors.

In addition, pro-active marketing of new product announcements and facilitating new staff training in effected through this solution. Replacing archaic printed menus, which are expensive to create and maintain over the large number of Gourmet Pizza’s outlets, with the X-Stream solution has not only enabled significant cost reductions but also enabled group marketing campaigns with suppliers to offer customers a greater variety of options in choosing their favourite toppings. Additionally, suppliers are able to promote their products at the point of purchase which also enable Gourmet Pizza a small return on their investment.

“Gourmet Pizza recognised that a small return was a bonus but, coupled with the savings on printed material, the return has been far greater than had originally been expected’” says Ian St Clair, CEO of Xn Corporation Africa.

The Gourmet Pizza installation was rolled out by Xn Digital Systems’ Singapore office and partners and the system is managed by their central IT office.

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