In-room Entertainment System Overview

The XN IES system is a full, state of the art, ‘Infotainment’ solution offering subscribers high quality content together with a full genre of services. The services are delivered through a single IP network for enhanced performance and scalability and offers in-room digital signage and advertising opportunities to maximise the products and services offered by the hotel.

The package is a turnkey solution and is tailor-made to suit the requirements and logistics of individual clients.

Amongst the significant advantages of the XN IES are

Traditional Pay-TV

  • Content is very limited
  • No music available

Traditional Pay-TV

  • Content is tired and non-differentiated

Traditional Pay-TV

  • Not guest friendly
  • Channel driven

Traditional Pay-TV

  • Proprietary with support complexity
  • Very limited PMS functions, C/O, messages

Traditional Pay-TV

  • Poorly serviced by suppliers

IES Hardware Application

The basic architecture of the in-room entertainment system comprises :

The IES Administration server runs the application for the entire IES and is based on the Windows 2003 Enterprise Server platform. The Property Management System tracks and records transactions from the IES clients for billable applications. The Imaging server contains an image of the IES clients providing an efficient means of re-installing a machine in the event of a failure.

Back-office Functionality & Controls

IES includes a full back-office solution through a series of Control Panels which, among other things, enable management to :

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