Patient Entertainment System (PES)


The Patient Entertainment Solution has been designed with input from leading operators worldwide, making it one of the most advanced info-tainment solutions available in the market today. Five key areas were identified from this study:

XN have developed a system from the ground up with no legacy technology to consider, resulting in key advantages over traditional such solutions.

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PES vs. Traditional TV Requirement TRADITIONAL TV SERVICE XN PES
CHOICE Content is very limited for choice. Wide Content choices Fresh bespoke, Mood Ambience, Games for Families Food Menus Local Information/Services/Products
QUALITY OF CONTENT Content tired Non differentiated Movie Content may be made available.
SUPPORTABLE TECHNOLOGY Proprietary, Support Complexity Windows Based – Familiarity/Support Available Expertise
INFORMATION None Slick information on operational procedure, hospital mapping (Digital Signage)
SYSTEM LINK Very limited functions Bill Rev, Express C/O, Messages Far richer Legacy, HIS integration Integration and Interface possibilities via Hospital billing system, HL7, Nurse Call
SOCIAL MEDIA None Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Skype etc.
GAMES None Web-based Games, Local Server Games
CONTROL TV Remote Universal Remote, Air-Mouse and Tablet/Smartphone App.
PATIENT INFORMATION BOARD Manual flip file Tablet Driven Patient Information, Allergies, Food and Nurse Call assistance
USER EXPERIENCE Not User Friendly Channel Driven Menu Driven Easy User Interface Easy To Use Remote Control Remote Control Help Screen
SERVICE Poorly serviced by Suppliers Higher levels of Service Software Supported Remotely
VALUE PROPOSITION Minimum Value, Maximum Cost New Business Value Model

PES Application Features

The system is capable of delivering the following features:

PES Benefits

The aim of the PES is to maximize patient usage therefore increasing the patient’s experience. We believe the system will deliver the following benefits:

PES Software Architecture

The system consists of a menu-driven interface that intuitively directs the patient to the functionality or module of his/her choice. The modules are designed to be used independently and the menu items are configurable to allow each property to set up the system and number of modules to its needs.

Internally the application configures itself from an internal database and all presentational content is configurable, allowing for multiple languages and custom menu layouts. All events are logged and viewable by maintenance staff, allowing for error tracking and auditing.

The application interfaces with a number of external subsystems as well as supporting, infrared receivers, touch screens, televisions and radio devices.

Since the application is PC based and currently supporting Microsoft Windows XP or Linux operating systems, access to television, radio, movies, and other media technologies are based on Microsoft DirectX 9 technology.

Great care has been taken to ensure that the programming interfaces are as generic as possible and to ensure that the application is as far as possible independent of specific devices and brands.

Streaming technology (where the data is streamed to the clients over a network) is used to broadcast media (Radio, Television, Movies, Cartoons, Dedicated Television Channels, etc.) from central servers to the clients.

The application allows for interfacing with the current hospital information services like the hotel’s website, access to external resources like the Internet, plus event viewing etc.

To enhance the patient’s experience, care has been taken to ensure that the application can be configured to meet the patient’s needs. This also applies to the hospital’s needs and requirements.

Modules may be added, removed or modified and upgrades are designed to be implemented seamlessly and without interruption of ongoing daily services.

Being developed on an open PC platform the opportunities for upgrade and customization are endless.

Back Office Functionality and Screen Shots

PES includes a full back office solution not just a guest interface to the hospital. The back office module enables the hospital to

Hospital Services

Patient services

News and events

Patient Information Board (PIB)

Recently installed in Jurong Hospital, Singapore, the Patient Information Board provides a digital display solution giving information on healthcare facilities for administrative and medical staff. Android-based, the PIB interfaces with a Real-time Location System to provide real-time information to medical staff. The system includes a Nurse Entry module allowing nursing staff to make and review patient notes.

Also included in the application is detailed patient information including preferred language, patient location, dietary requirements and any additional details or special precautions relating to the patient. A number of colour-based icons provide immediate, visual, information about the patient.

Download the PIB Brochure
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