X-Queue Solution

Introduction to X-Stream Queue system

X-Stream Queue system is an extension of the X-Stream signage, empowered with a software queue engine that works with TCP/IP peripherals (eg. display, numeric pad, printer…etc). Being software based solution; it is flexible enough to be retrofitted into different usage and environment.

The entire Queue system runs on a TCP/IP network, making cabling and its management very simple. Generic TCP/IP peripherals are used instead of proprietary. With PoE peripheral, cabling becomes neater.

Illustration of the Queue system diagram shows how detailed the customer can get

Queue mode / Signage mode auto-switching

The Queue information is displayed as a piece of media, managed by the X-Stream signage software. Through this method, Queue information is completely managed by the X-Stream signage software, and can be displayed alongside with other media. (eg. Video, Picture, RSS feed, Analogue TV, IPTV, Weather information….etc).

Queue calls will also trigger interrupt to the X-Stream signage software. This feature is very useful in adding a `Signage mode’ onto existing `Queue mode’. Example: When no Queue number is called, the Screen will show Signage. The moment a Queue number is called, the Screen will automatically switch into Queue display mode. This way, the entire screen display area can be maximized for both publicity and information purpose.

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